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Slogan:  The salt from Praid is a real treasure of Transilvania!
You should try the Vidra wellness, the salt from Praid gives it's real effectiveness.

Our wellness offer contains: 
Hot tub with salt from Praid for 8 person:

Recommended for:

  • skin diseases
  • metabolic problems
  • locomotor diseases/disorders 
  • stress release
  • respiratory diseases
  • allergy
  • insomnia
  • purification ( it has good effect on the kidneys)
  • high blood pressure
  • it slows down the aging process
  • nerv distresses
  • it strengthens the nervous system

Cold Splash:
The hot-cold bath is one of the most recognized procedures of alternative medicine. The temperature of the water is very important: the bigger the difference between our bodily temperature and the temperature of the water, the bigger the phisilogical reaction. Our veins actively contract when we plunge into the cold water, first we get pale, than come the goosebumps, then our veins widen, and the surface of our skin turns red. This is the point when we feel good, so hang on untill it happens.


Our Vidra wellness program offer:

  • 30 minutes salt bath and cold splash
  • 30 minutes rest period.  

Vidra Wellness policy: 
30 minutes is the recommanded maximum amount of time you should spend in the hot, saltwater.
No children are allowed in the salted wellness!
6 years old children can enter the wellness only with their parents. 
The wellness is not recommanded for pregnant women or for people with a heart condition.
No alcohol is allowed in the wellness.
About the salt from Praid: The salt from Praid was created ceturies ago, it's one of the wolrd's clearest and heighest quality cristal salt, it contains more than 84 minerals and  trace elements. The salt from Praid owes its peculiarity to the mud that it contains contrary to other salts, usually it dissapeares through the salts purification. This mud is used in alternative medicine as well.
Our wellness offer is free!


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Balázs Izabella