House rules


THE RULES OF THE HOUSE shall be observed by all guests!   

In order to assure you a pleasant rest and to avoid eventual misunderstandings please read the rules of the house.

When we confirm your reservation we are supposing that you know and accept the rules of the house and that you are going to observe them. Non-observance of the rules may lead to the cancellation of the reservation and to the payment of the whole amount irrespective of your earlier departure. 

1. Upon arrival guests must show the owner their personal documents (passports or identitiy cards) in order to register their data and they shall pay the price of accommodation. Our guests can enter the rooms only after they have paid the total amount. In case guests are leaving earlier than the requested check-out date, we return 0% of the price of accommodation.

2. Guests are allowed to bring pets free of charge if they agree to keep them in the kennel that can be found in the yard. It is PROHIBITED to keep animals in the small houses at night or during the day, please use the „cosy” dog kennel or let your pets run free in the yard while you are watching them. Before leaving please clean the kennel and throw the poop into the big garbage bin that can be found in the street next to the Vidra Bungalow Park board. 

Only the owner of the animal or the person who has brought the animal to the house can be made reponsible for the pet or for any accidents caused by it.

3. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in the houses/apartments! Guests can make fire or smoke only in special areas! (barbeque fireplace) It is strictly FORBIDDEN to throw cigarette butts in the Park! 

4. Guests are responsible for the cleanliness of the house and the yard. In the Park we practice selective waste collection, so we kindly ask our dear guests to throw waste selectively.

5. Guests can use our wellness services (hot tub, cold splash), car park and wireless Internet free of charge.

    In case you need wellness services and massage on the day of your arrival, please inform us in advance in writing, on other days you can turn to Irénke Máté as well. 

  Guests are NOT ALLOWED to make fire neither in the wellness area, nor in the boiler house, please turn to Irénke Máté and observe her indications!   

   At 21.00 o’clock we put wood on the fire for the last time in the wellness area if it is necessary.

  In wintertime we make fire at night as well. 

    We don’t take responsibility for cars and for valuables left in them.

    WIFI – in the dining room, ID: SIkaszoVidra    

Phone signal, in the dining room: Orange provider

6. Please take care of furniture and objects that can be found in and outside the house. It is not allowed to move furniture in the rooms or from one room to another or to take any objects, towels or blankets from the rooms to the wellness area.

7. Guests under 18 years cannot consume alcoholic drinks and cannot smoke in the house!

8. On check-out day guests shall leave their rooms until 12.00 o’clock in order the staff to be able to clean them for the next guests who can enter the rooms at 16.00 o’clock. 

9. Minors are not allowed to stay in the house or in the yard without an adult.

10. We can send away those guests who: commit vandalism, endanger their own corporal integrity or other persons’ corporal integrity and who disturb other guests between 22.00 and 6.00 o’clock.

11. Upon departure please forget here :) room keys and bathrobes that can be found next to the bed linen because every guest will need them in the future.

 Thank you in advance for your understanding!

If you have any questions or requests, please turn to the staff or to the administrator personally or through the phone at the following number: 004/0743 040 468 

It is in our common interest to make your holiday at Vidra Park unforgettable, so please observe the above indications! 


I wish you a pleasant stay!




Best regards,

Izabella Balázs

Vidra Bungalow Park



For more information and reservation please send us an e-mail to, or call us on phone

Phone: +40-743-040-468

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Balázs Izabella