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The place where rivers run clean

Our pension, the  Vidra Bungalow Park ★★★, is located 800 meters above sea line at the foot of the mountain Hargita, surrounded by pine trees. The little Szekler settlement Sikaszó is at halfway between Gyergyószent-miklós and Udvarhely on the county road 138. The advantage of being in the heart of Harghita county is, that all the main sights of Szeklerland become easily accessible to our guests.

Mornings are fresh, dewy and chill, the air is appetizingly fresh and due to Irénke we can also offer many local delicious meals every day. Our guest house welcomes its visitors all year. At planning and building of the Vidra Bungalow Park ★★★ we wanted to keep nature close and to present its beauties. The buildings are half-timbered houses their material coming from the close pinewoods. Even the name of Vidra Bungalow Park refers to the fact that we respect and we are proud of the wonderful environment full of life. 

For the time being we welcome our guests to try our 6 bungalows on two plots of land (Vidra 1 and Vidra 2). Between the plots there is a 150 meter walking distance. We offer two bedded and four bedded houses in each of which there is a separate bathroom and restroom. Altogether we can offer housing for 24 people, but if you plan to come with a bigger crowd there is another house within 3 kilometers which can take in another 16 people.The bungalows are rentable separately as well, even for one person.

On the upper plot there are 4 bungalows with a dining-room which can accommodate up to 40 people, while on the lower plot there are 2 wooden cottages. From the year 2014 we have constant half-board accommodation, but free kitchen-use is available also if required.

In ferbruary 2015, on the Vidra 1 plot we have completed the building of the Vidra Wellness & Spa (hot tub, cold splash). Owing to the salt brought from Parid, our Wellness has additional beneficial effects. We have placed a playground in the garden, with a salt sand box.

On both plots we have placed swings, there is room to play ballgames, or for the ones who like fishing, there are two ponds to ensure your relaxation. Our goal, when planning and building the Vidra Bungalow Park, was to keep the intimacy of nature. Every building is a timber house; their base material given by the surrounding pine woods. Next to the garden runs the Sikaszó river, which debouches into the neighboring reservoir. The nearby waters are rich in crabs, trout’s and here live the almost extinct and europa-wide sheltered otters.


To honor them our pension took thier name, as in the hungarian word Vidra means Otter in English. 

GPS coordinates:

N: 46.507751
E: 25.440172


For more information and reservation please send us an e-mail to vidrabungalowpark@gmail.com, or call us on phone

Phone: +40-743-040-468

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Balázs Izabella